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basically I'm bored
we've won all of our games for soccer which is only two but still, we won by like 5-6 points in both of them & I scored in one.
here is my schedule
period 1- Gym
period 2- Ist 10 ( science)
period 3&4- American Studies
period 5- free
period 6- spanish 3
period 7- Chemistry
period 8- Algebra 2
basically my schedule is quite hard
homecoming is next weekend, eh. I went shopping all day today with my grandparents who are visiting from Hawaii. We got a new puppy. I don't like her. She growled at me right when i walked into the house & first impressions are the most important ones. Tomorrow we are having like a cook out thing & i get to see my brother & sister so im excited
well im tired, so byee

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hmm.. well i haven't updated in awhile, so i thought it would be fun to. let me just say i want to seee step up so badly. I love gansta/dancing moviess! so thats my goal of the week. to see that. I'm eating ice cream right now. Cookies n' cream. yumm. with cherries =). so basically last week i had soccer tryouts for 5 days. good news is i made the teamm. so i've pretty much just been doing soccccer & hanging out with people. I saw the world trade center movie & ricky bobby. hmmm.. also this summer i went to europe, that was fun. umm.. school starts the 29th, eh thats a bummmer, also considering i have absolutely no one in my classes. I kinda forgot how to update a livejournal but whatever

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Hello Ladies and Gents, goodness it had been quite awhile since I have updated this thing. First I would just like to brag about my 96% in freakin Geometry. YESSSSSSS. I also just had midterms. hmmm.. I got a 62% in spanish. blah, sucky I know. But I have an 89% in the class. I got an 83% in P.E. umm 101% on my intro to cooking midterm. =) Second highest grade in the class. Intro to cooking is way harder then it sounds. 82% on my Geometry midterm. Worst grade I have ever gotten in Geometry. =/. I have only gotten 3 B's in Geometry and I hope it will only be 3. So, yea. If I get all A's and B's on my report card then I'm going to California =) yayayaya. In less then two weeks I get to see Panic! At the Disco, Hellogoodbye, The Academy is..., and Acceptance. I'm freakin excited! I "misplaced" my iPOD, which I shall kill myself for. If i lost it, I will go insane. Um. so I'm addicted to myspace, which is pretty sad. It snowed today, I think.  Well, this is my update for today, adios

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1. bed
2. stereo
3. my clothes
4. strawberry shortcake blow up chair
5. collage
6. dresser
7. shoes

1. i dunno
2. haha
3. lol
4. heck yes
5. flippen
6. shall
7. yea

1. monnie
2. ben
3. friends
4. family
5. computer
6. clothes
7. food

1. have sex
2. get a sweet job
3. go to university of california san diego
4. get a sweet car
5. go to Germany
6. own jamba juice
7. get straight A's

Do You:
1. Believe in God? nope
2. Had a dream come true? nope
3. Read the newspaper? sometimes, the sports section
4. Pray? sometimes, when i really want something
5. Have a job? nope
6. Attend church? no
7. Wish on shooting stars? sometimes

Have you ever:
1. Gone skinny dipping? almost
2. Swam in the morning? yup
3. Swam in the dark? yup
4. Been to a Bonfire? yup
5. Ran away from home? nope
6. Played strip poker? nope
7. Pulled an all nighter? yeah

Have you...
1. Cried? no
2. Sang? yup
3. Been kissed? no
4. Felt stupid? yes
5. Talked to an ex? nope
6. Missed someone? yes
7. Hugged someone? yes


im back =]

im super nervous for soccer tryouts

they are tomorrow

im scared as hell

wish me luck, ill need it

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Tomorrow I'm on a plane off to Thailand =[

27 hours on a plane , i will seriously die

thats more then 1 whole day

I can't be stuck on a plane with 50 million people I don't know, with nothing to do besides watch movies, read, sleep, and listen to music. My iPOD won't even last that long